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- We accept no responsibility for your personal belongings that are left during the class. Buggies can be left just inside the entrance to the hall (Pavillon Cafe & Clubhouse only).
- You are responsible for your children during the class. Should you need to leave the room during the class please ask one of the other adults attending the class to watch your child.
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Member gets member programme:
Questions you might have:
- What happens if I cannot currently join the class?
It’s ok, you can still play little scientists with your friends at home. You will just need to provide us your address and we will deliver it for you

- Where should my friends add their names in the booking form?
It’s question 12 of the booking form - “If a friend has referred you, simply add their name below and if you join the term, you will both receive a piece of equipment to start your very own science kit for home :). It's as simple as that.”

- What is a science gadget?
There are many must haves to be a scientist :). A magnetic wand, a magnifying class, a plastic pipette and many more. The more friends you refer the more gadget you will get. We will make sure you don’t get twice the same one.

- How can I share the whooshpop details?
Just click on the links in the email to share on facebook, twitter or via email or tell your friends to visit whooshpop.com

- What are the small print?
Your friends just need to sign up for the term or half term. The kit will not be offered for friends trialling the class only.

  • Hello & Welcome

    to WhooshPop!

    Hands on science for your little ones.

  • Summer term - Richmond

    18 Apr to 18 Jul 2017 - Tuesday, 10am - £12/class

    We will go on a bear hunt, look for minibeasts, make a den for the grufallo and stand in a giant bubble. All this in a fun environment with plenty of songs, games and stories to bring the world of science alive.

    Outdoor sessions in a local nature reserve.

  • About


    Hands on science. Inspiration for your little explorers.


    We are running a class for 2-5 years olds that uses science concepts to create a fun, entertaining yet educational class for you and your children…


    Launching rockets, designing skyscrapers and bug hunts in the great outdoors will let their imagination run wild.


    Our promise – you will all get something out of it – from the younger sibling doing more messy play, to your pre-schooler investigating the world around them as well as you and daddy (or mummies) back at home too!!


  • Bring your friends along

    and start your own science kit

    How does it work?

    We have magnetic wands at the moment

    Even if they cannot join the class at the moment, you can still take part. We will just send you the science gadget. After all, our ambition is to inspire kids and parents to use science more and nurture our little natural curiosity.

  • Our story

    We believe in nurturing children's curiosity.

    Our vision

    Science is not often enough given its true justice - it is an amazing way to experience and understand how things work.


    So we want to create hands on science sessions for children under 5; to discover, experiment and explore through science. All of this filled with fun and laughter. We are also mums of young children, understand how wonderful and self satisfactory it is to observe them, be amazed by their development and simply having fun with them! We know that if a class gets repetitive, we (mums) lose interest which is why our sessions are a fun learning time for all. That's the idea!


    It also gets more challenging when you have more than one child to entertain, so we have adapted the sessions to ensure younger siblings could enjoy it too - a unique way to have fun all together.


    Come along and experience it for yourself!


  • Meet Hannah & Sophie

    The team behind the idea :)


    Our science teacher... and mummy!

    Hi, I'm Hannah and watching my young son and daughter explore the world around them I came up with the idea of science classes for little ones. I'm sure you've all experienced your children stopping at ant trails and ladybirds or finding leaves that look like an elephant! They are constantly asking 'why' and want to know how the world around them works. I want to pass on my passion for science to kids from an early age. With my teaching background my head is full of ideas of ways that we could do simple experiments and hands-on activities with the under fives. I have seen how much my kids like simple experiments, messy play, dressing up, craft activities, songs, dancing and stories. We can use all these ways to engage children with science concepts. You never know, you might learn something too!


    Love for business... and my girls!

    Hi, I'm Sophie. I've worked in many different commercial roles before my two lovely girls arrived. After that, guess what, like most of us, they have changed my world and since I've been dreaming about setting up my own business - I wanted to do something more around them, something that would allow me to watch them growing, whilst doing something I enjoy. This is when Hannah and I decided to team up... For me curiosity, discovery, understanding others, the environment around us and creative problem solving are very important elements in life, something I really want to pass onto the girls. After talking to Hannah, it became obvious that science could help even though I had never realised it before. Children's curiosity and spontaneity is a beautiful thing to watch and taking the time to be with them during those moments is very important to me. I will be with you along the way, doing all the business and marketing side of it :).

  • Contact Us & Venue

    Don't be afraid to reach out.

    Pensford Avenue, Richmond, TW9 4HR, UK
    Tuesday - 10am to 10.45am
    Pensford Field Environmental Trust
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