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- We accept no responsibility for your personal belongings that are left during the class. Buggies can be left just inside the entrance to the hall (Pavillon Cafe & Clubhouse only).
- You are responsible for your children during the class. Should you need to leave the room during the class please ask one of the other adults attending the class to watch your child.
- We may take photos and videos during the class for promotional purposes. By completing the booking process you agree for your family to be used for marketing materials, including on our Facebook page and website. If you would prefer not to be included please inform the class teacher during your class or by email.
- In rare circumstances we may need to cancel a class. You will receive a text message and we will post on our Facebook page and website home page.
- Your details will not be shared with any third parties.

Member gets member programme:
Questions you might have:
- What happens if I cannot currently join the class?
It’s ok, you can still play little scientists with your friends at home. You will just need to provide us your address and we will deliver it for you

- Where should my friends add their names in the booking form?
It’s question 12 of the booking form - “If a friend has referred you, simply add their name below and if you join the term, you will both receive a piece of equipment to start your very own science kit for home :). It's as simple as that.”

- What is a science gadget?
There are many must haves to be a scientist :). A magnetic wand, a magnifying class, a plastic pipette and many more. The more friends you refer the more gadget you will get. We will make sure you don’t get twice the same one.

- How can I share the whooshpop details?
Just click on the links in the email to share on facebook, twitter or via email or tell your friends to visit whooshpop.com

- What are the small print?
Your friends just need to sign up for the term or half term. The kit will not be offered for friends trialling the class only.