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Future Scientists

Inspire children to love science from an early age

The UK Commission for Employment & Skills have reported that 43% of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) vacancies are hard to fill. So how can we ensure that our kids have the right skills to plug these gaps and ensure a brighter future for everyone? After all, we need scientists to help develop new treatments for life threatening diseases, to better understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and build greener more sustainable cities.

At WhooshPop we believe that inspiring a love of science from an early age will encourage children to take up STEM careers in future. We encourage children to explore the world around them and ask questions to better understand how things work. Even with children as young as 2-5 you can start exploring concepts such as gravity and density. And what child doesn't love a bit of splashing about and testing whether objects will float or sink?

Our weekly science classes based in Richmond let your child explore all kinds of fun ideas. There's the physics of launching rockets, designing parachutes and exploring gravity. The engineering of building towers, making the perfect giant bubble or constructing a plane. Our little Biologists go on a bug hunt, plant seeds and explore the senses. Then there's the chemistry of lava lamps and erupting volcanoes. They even become dinosaur detectives and fossil hunters. What better way to promote a love of science that they can carry forward into school and hopefully their future careers.

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