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My inquisitive children led me to start a science business

As a mum of two young children I see the natural curiosity that preschoolers have to understand the world around them. My four year old daughter often asks me how things work and wants to know where the water goes when it disappears down the plughole, where rain comes from and which animal lives down a hole she has discovered in the woods. Even my two year old son asks me a string of ‘why?’ questions as we go about our daily lives such as “why getting dark?”.

Science can help our children to develop their inquisitive minds and explore the world around them. When you watch children play they are often testing a hypothesis without even knowing it. They might be experimenting at the water table and test how the water moves when it is poured down a ramp. From this they find that water always goes down and they are on the first tracks to understanding the idea of gravity.

At WhooshPop we are keen to use hands-on activities to promote this kind of active learning where children can explore and discover the wonders of the world around them whilst having fun. We want to see lots of wow faces as we make a volcano erupt, launch a rocket and experiment with magnets. In summer we are planning outdoor sessions in a local nature reserve where we can go on a bear hunt, look for minibeasts, make a den for the grufallo and stand in a giant bubble. All this in a fun environment with plenty of songs, games and stories to bring the world of science alive. Building using duplo blocks is much more fun when its to protect the three little pigs from the big bad wolf huffing and puffing at the door! So lets encourage our inquisitivechildren to be little scientists!


Hannah, Co-founder of WhooshPop

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